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I have rented through Skyo for 3 years now, and after this past semester I WILL NEVER, I repeat.. NEVER rent with them again. They do offer incredibly cheap rental prices compared to many retailers but in the end I'm not sure its worth it. My story is as follows:... See MoreI rented an accounting textbook (which i was happy to receive brand new) for their 125 day rental period. Towards the end of the period i realized i would need the book for an extra week or so for finals and extended the rental. There is where it all went south. I from that point on was continually harassed through emails that I had not extended the rental and that they were unable to charge my credit card (the same exact visa credit card used for the previous 2 years... numbers, security code, pin, everything is exactly the same). I got on the phone with customer service who confirmed that my card had been used in prior transactions, and that for some reason the website/computer was having issues accepting it. She apologized and told me to return the book when possible and that I would not be charged for the extension fee since the computers/software continued to malfunction. I sent the book off the very same day via their Fedex ground shipping method that is provided and dropped all worries associated with the text book.

Today however (a week later) I received an email stating that since my credit card would not run through in their system (which we had already establish was THEIR fault not mine) they have sent my account to collections. I promptly got on the phone once more and honestly was furious, thinking that I had already solved this issue weeks ago. Apparently not. The customer service agent said they did not have a tracking number, and had not received the book, as well as the card not going through made them send it to collections. Which is understandable from a business side, but I had already explained the situation and had management deal with it over a week ago. I gave her the tracking number once more over the phone and she found that she did not have the right tracking number in the database and that my book had arrived at their facility over 24 hours before the email was even sent.

In conclusion I asked her to confirm that my account would not be going to collections, which she responded with "oh no thats just what we send out in the email", which prompted me to ask why they would tell customers their accounts were being sent to collections if they in reality had not been, which she had no answer.

At the end of all this Skyo is no longer allowed access to my credit card information without my approval or consent because of their multiple failings, including false charges and acquisitions. The entire process was unprofessional, unorganized, and unethical in many senses. Please do not rent from this company.
By gravatar AmyL8 (New User) - on Feb 12, 2014 - 22:44 | report
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I was really wary about ordering from Skyo because of the poor reviews on this site, but the books I needed were literally hundreds (as in multiple hundreds!) of dollars less expensive here than anywhere else. So I decided to give it a shot, especially since I knew Skyo existed... See Morefor a couple years now, so I figured there would be more fuss if they were really that bad.

First I called their customer support number and expressed my concerns about their reviews, and they explained that sometimes, during bad weather, books can take longer to arrive. They also told me it takes about 2 days before they get shipped. I asked about refunds, and they said that if you order expensive shipping and it doesn't get to you on time, you get a full refund on the shipping. And you can return your books within 21 days of you receiving them for a full refund as well.

I spoke to a Melody or a Melanie or something - and a Jason I believe - and they were phenomenal. Best customer service of any book site I have ever rented from.

I ordered my books on Friday and with standard shipping I received them today, Tuesday. Literally just in time for what I needed.

So, take it from me and put your mind at ease if you've been avoiding Skyo because of these webutation reviews. I had no problems with them at all and I am 150% satisfied!

Thanks Skyo!
By gravatar AmandaR7 (New User) - on Jan 14, 2014 - 21:54 | report
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Don't know why others are posting the bad reviews, I had a great experience. Rented a textbook for $50 (Could not find it for less than $120 anywhere else) on Thursday, 9/5 and received my book on Tuesday, 9/10. Much quicker shipping than I expected after reading these reviews. Will... See Moredefinitely use again.
By gravatar JishnuM (New User) - on Sep 11, 2013 - 04:54 | report
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I paid for expedited shipping and when the books did not come in by the delivery time given, I was told by Skyo to contact USPS to have them try to track the package. When I contacted USPS, USPS told me that the package had been shipped via media mail... See More(not priority shipping as I PAID extra money for). Skyo would not refund my shipping! They only gave me a partial refund.

One of my books also did not come in at all. Skyo blamed the third party shipper, but ultimately it is THEIR responsibility as they contracted out my order to another vendor.
By gravatar JohnM26 (New User) - on Aug 19, 2013 - 23:31 | report
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I will never order from this website again. I order two books and paid extra money just to get my books on time because the class had already started. I was supposed to get my books on January 17th but I didn't. As of today I still don't have my... See Morebook. I've called the customer service number for 3 consecutive days and everytime I called, the recording told me that without losing my place in line, I can hang up and they will call me back but they never did.
Today I called the number again and decided to just wait on the line until someone picks up. It took 40 minutes before someon answered the phone and I was told that my order was returned to them. The annoying part is that, this representative was not apologetic at all. She just said that they will refund my money which will take 3 to 6 business day and they I can re-order the book again.
I was so upset that if there was a problem with delivering my order, why didn't they call me? I've had a very unpleasant experience with and I am never using them again!
By gravatar LucilleA (New User) - on Jan 23, 2013 - 04:31 | report
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This is a copy of the email i sent the comany, pretty much sums up how i feel.

I just wanted to say that this is one of the absolute experiences that ive had in awhile with an online company and that i have absolutely no understanding as to why my... See Moreorder was mishandeled this badly.

When i placed this order i was told that i would be receiving my books on January 17th 2013. This was a day later than my class started but i figured it wouldnt be a big deal to be missing my book the first day of class.

I started to get worried when i hadnt received a shipping conformation for my book, so on the 15th i called in to speak with a customer service rep. After waiting for 15 minutes on hold i decided to leave my number so that my spot would be held in line, and i would receive a call back. Im still waiting for that call back...

So i called again about 2 hours after my first call and after being on hold for a half hour i finally got through to a customer service rep who told me that my order was canceled and that i should have received an email telling me that the book was out of stock. That would be this email, that i received the day that my book was supposed to arrive.

Overall this was a terrible experience and your company needs to review how it opereates so this doesnt happen to other customers.
By gravatar ChristopherJ (New User) - on Jan 20, 2013 - 22:16 | report
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Do not order from this site. They are not organized. I ordered a book from them, paid for expedited shipping. Its been a week and the order has been pending, meanwhile, classes have been progressing and I dont have a book. Better to order from Amazon or a company that... See Moretakes business seriously. I think they placed an order for the book from the publisher when I ordered the rental #Fail
By gravatar styleairx (New User) - on Jan 11, 2013 - 22:51 | report
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